Photo taken by Kendall Pinion

Starting a Business

You’ve got that great idea for a fantastic product or service. You have the desire and know how to get your idea to market. You even have the funds to make it all happen. So why should you contact me for help?

Many great small businesses get into needless trouble with the IRS or other taxing agencies because they ignore those agencies. If you pretend that the IRS does not care about your small business, you will be making a huge mistake.

So how can I help you steer clear of trouble from Uncle Sam?

  • I can show you the benefits of choosing the right tax entity. Should you be a sole proprietor, partnership or an S-Corporation? Are the benefits of a C-Corporation really helpful in your situation? Why is everyone telling me to form a LLC?
  • By answering the questions:
    Does my business need to have a payroll?
    Are federal and state payroll tax returns necessary for my business?
    Do I need to issue myself a W-2?
    Can my business pay for my health insurance?
  • And I can show you the benefits of keeping accurate records. Do you really need to purchase accounting software? How will you learn to use the software?